October 5th, 2001


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I can't remember what book this was in.

There were two characters preparing for something very dangerous. One of them had done stuff like this before (I'll call him Jim), the other hadn't (I'll call him Bob). They had about ten hours to wait until they were going into the thick of it.

Bob: What are we going to do until it's time?
Jim: I don't know about you, but I'm planning to take a nap.
Bob: A NAP? How can you sleep when we might not be alive in 24 hours?
Jim: Sitting up worrying won't help us. I'd rather be well-rested.

"I didn't have anything else to do, so I took a nap."

It's really not worth worrying about things you have no control over . . . not that that stops anyone :) it's still interesting to think about though.

Blank CDs

I'm running a bit low on blank CDs, so I'm preparing for another bulk order. Anyone in Oberlin want to chip in and take advantage of a mass order, meaning bulk rates? I'm getting them for about 17c each, plus S&H. I'd prefer people to get multiples of 100 because it'll be easier to count (that's how they're packaged) but, especially if you can team up with someone else to make it a multiple of 100, whatever works. Those are the prices for 8x certified generic silver/silver 74min CDs - if you want any other type, talk to me privately, as it'll be trickier to work out. and I don't want any other kind anyway :)

Leaving messages is just fine. And if you're not certain if you can afford it, I can always hold on to the blanks until you can - and if you never can, well, I can always use more blanks :P (chance of a lifetime! so to speak.)

(and even if you don't have a CD-R, remember that there are people who do :P)
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Customer: "When my computer boots up, all I get is a black screen that says, 'boot2/'."
Tech Support: "What operating system are you using?"
Customer: "I'm using Windows 98 and NT 4.0."
Tech Support: "Ok, I'm the Mac tech. The Windows tech is gone, but I can try to help you."
Customer: "Ok, what should I do? I've reformatted the hard drive and have fresh installs of both operating systems."
Tech Support: "Sir, have you put any cheese or mustard in your a drive?"
Customer: "What? Did you just ask me if I put cheese or mustard in my floppy drive?"
Tech Support: "Yeah, we've had that happen a lot lately."
Customer: (staring blankly at roommate, who was laughing uncontrollably on the floor) "I think I'll wait for the PC tech to get back. Thanks for the help." (click)

this really doesn't say anything good about mac users :)

(not that I think all - or even most - (or even more than "virtually none", I hope) - mac users are like that, it's just really really funny :P)
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Oh, BTW, re: the northpole/southpole question - the correct answer is "either". Most people know the solution where you start at the north pole, go south a mile, go east around the pole, and go north back to the pole. You can also start near the south pole, at a position so that you go south a mile, go east around the pole one full revolution, and north a mile again. Or any other integer number of revolutions. So . . . both poles :)