October 6th, 2001


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I apologize for this in advance, but . . .

this is what you get if you search on everything2 for "the single sickest joke ever". Actually, I'm getting rid of that link up there because I don't want to be quite as responsible for destroying someone's innocence. Do the search yourself :P
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(on #c++ on efnet)

* SillieGrl go read more Live Journil
<ZorbaTHut> geez. everyone and their mother is on LJ.
* SillieGrl jist found ZorbaTHut's Live Journil
<SillieGrl> by accident
<SillieGrl> was readin Luna's jurnil
<ZorbaTHut> *blink* where'd you find luna's?
<SillieGrl> i run into her journil from Swerve's jurnil

what a weird weird world this is.