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Zorba the Hutt's Journal

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Friday, October 12th, 2001
grah. I am unable to access 64.*.*.* . . . guess where AIM is? :/

this is annoying. Can't they get the 'net connection working for a lousy 24 consecutive hours?

(sorry people. I'd love to talk - I just can't. I mean that literally too >_<)

current mood: frustrated

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(someday I really need to write that friends-visualizer program. but I'm afraid that at this point the output would look like a cobweb. Taken down, wadded into a very small ball, and thrown in a corner.)

Hi friend-of-a-friend. Hope you don't mind that I added you, you're interesting and an Obie. I'll take you off if you want. It's just that it's 3:45AM and I'm bored.

current mood: poing

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Soul Bonus! 65816 Points!

current mood: amused

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For those I haven't already bent the ear of . . .

I'm in the semifinals in Topcoder!

What this means is that I'm getting free airfare to Connecticut and competing there locally with 15 other people (yes, it's down to 16). And even if I totally screw up, I still get $3k.

Now that's *nice* ^^

One amusing note: I went down to the CS office in Oberlin to let them know, beacuse of publicity and stuff. An hour later I got an email from him - I'd forgotten to mention I wasn't a CS major ^^;;

Coolness ;)

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Wrote a quiz. If you want your scores to be saved (you probably don't), go to


replacing YourEmailHere with your email. (I think this will work.)

Otherwise, click here.

Post your score in a comment, IF YOU DARE! Mwahahahahah!

current mood: amused

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Bill (aka THOUGHTVIPER! The person who introduced me to Luna+Boulder collective. Even though he probably doesn't know it unless Luna told him.) wants to know people would put in a survival kit.

Well, what else? Survival!


no, seriously. hmmmm. *thinks* some sort of energy bars, because they keep forever. Knife is good, so's flashlight. uhm . . . err . . .

survival for *what*? For my car crashing? For my *bike* crashing?

Okay, now I remember why I don't have a survival kit - because any place I'd be that I could possibly use it, I wouldn't have it :P

well that was a useless answer. Guess I'll lob off a reply anyway ;)

current mood: amused

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