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Zorba the Hutt's Journal

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Sunday, October 14th, 2001
this is highly amusing.

As is a conversation I had a few hours when walking to Noah.

(guy on bike) Hey, dude.
(me) Yo.
(guy on bike) Wanna buy some beer?
(me) No thanks.
(guy on bike) Why not? You underage?
(me) (ignoring the fact that I am) No, I just don't want any.
(guy on bike) You don't want any beer?
(me) Uh-uh.
(guy on bike) You're weird.
(me) Yup.
. . .
(me) Wait. This is OBERLIN!

Weird people? In Oberlin! NEVER!

current mood: amused

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this is pretty good too. I should go into prophesizing.

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Apparently I'm Luke Skywalker.

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sigh. I need to wipe and rebuild my friend colors >_

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"Well I can't explain it. 'Cause I don't know what it is. Look in the paper, don't blame me if the guy's a nut!"

current mood: amused

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