October 26th, 2001


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People continue to confuse me.

They base relationships around . . . well, I'm not really sure, actually. And they hang on to these relationships through the most absurd things, through trusts broken and privacies invaded. And then they make a comment about how they'll break up with them, but . . . the conditions are trivial and meaningless. Money. I mean, really. If someone's shown himself consistently to be a lousy person, why would you stay with him up to - but not past - the point at which he refuses to fork over some cash?

Is that really what the average person looks for in a relationship?
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World's Most Beautiful Sensuality Scenes

No, not necessarily *sex*, just sensuality. Any nominations? My personal two favorites . . .

The "shaving" scene in Phenomenon
The, well, sex scene in the second Prometheus book.

(yes, tira, take a wild guess as to why I'm thinking about this now :P)

For those who haven't seen either or both, well, spoiler warning, sort of - skip this if you don't want to read about 'em.

In Phenomenon, the main character is sort of standoffish, and ends up falling in love. He has a beard, and always has. Well, the person he's fallen for (and who falls for him) says she wants to shave him, because she wants to see him clean-shaven. So, she shaves him. It's a truly beautiful scene, with an enormous amount of trust (c'mon, someone holding a blade that near to your face!)

The Prometheus scene is, well, a bit harder to explain IMHO. it's an entire issue of a comic series devoted to this sex scene, and it's *beautiful*. Not sexy, but simply stunning. I can't really explain any better than that :P

So anyway. Any nominations or comments? ^^
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well, adventure at the very least. Went running with Claire - well, went walking after a bit, I don't have a lot of endurance for running :) So she went ahead of me after a while, and, well, pretty much vanished. Leaving me in the middle of Battery Kemble Park with little idea of where the house was. After I went further than I thought right (note: turned out I was wrong, I should've gone to the end - but it was so much further than seemed possible! go figure.) I gave up and wandered off to the nearby road and started trying to make my way back on my own, i.e. asking one or two people and using my direction sense. I was actually on the way back when Claire drove up in a car and snatched me. I think that's the closest we're going to get to "romance" here, folks :P And, um, I think you can scratch the "danger" part also.

But it was definitely an adventure ;)

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Raw Data
You have 8 points towards Chaos.
You have 26 points towards Good.

You are Neutral Good.


Only 8 points towards Chaos?

I gotta work harder.