November 14th, 2001


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a god of love
a god of care
a god of hope
a god of words

Adult word god is a counterfeit and fictitious evil upon children! Truth Cube debunks 1 corner word god in a Cubic creation! Self word god is evil human behavior!


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bah. stupid sleeping-on-my-own.

I want someone to curl up with and go to sleep with!

oh well. I'll live.

Reason I Haven't Been Writing Anything Interesting:


Gack gack gack. Definite gack. Sigh. Well, when I'm finally caught up and feeling a bit saner . . . yeah.

and, bah, want to curl up with someone!
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Bah, rekling added a pair of questions to that reverse survey that I'm now curious about! Phooey. Oh well. They are now reproduced here, although I don't especially except anyone to answer them.

49. Would you play with me?
50. Would you [sleep with] me? (polite substitution someone else's)

Hey Rek, how do you train your mind to think of stuff like that more often? I missed a good opportunity there, but it's just not the same not tacked-on-the-end ;.;