November 17th, 2001


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"Gray! Do you read me? What's happening?"
"You and Cid are getting out of here now."
"No! We can't just leave everyone!"
"Everyone's dead."
"What, Neil's dead?"
"Everybody's dead, Aki."
"Ryan isn't dead, is he?"
"They're all dead, Aki. Everyone's dead, Aki."
"Jane! Jane can't be dead!"
"Gordon Benett, yes, Aki, everybody's dead, everybody's dead, Aki.
"Wait. Are you trying to tell me everybody's dead?"

Clearly I'm in a weird mood tonight.

And I forgot just how bad this movie was, too ^^

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Squirrels and power lines don't mix.

This fact has just been demonstrated to me first-hand, right outside my window.

Killed the uptime on my Linux box too.