November 27th, 2001


how to get full scholarships for just about whatever you want

If you're a sexual minority, apply for scholarships. There are tons out there. Just look.

If you're not, claim to be a transexual. Now you're not only a sexual minority, but you're a transexual minority.

Problem solved.

(This spawned because I just heard about someone who got a full scholarship from - I'm not making this up - the "Association for Short People". Apparently the year before she had a scholarship based on the color of her eyes.)

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grah. stupid Murphy! Finally gets me in a position where I can really enjoy random physical things, and then he decides to make it impossible again. DOH! well that's frustrating.

In other news, the ex finally got around to sending me a message . . . she's got, like, three days to get me enough money so that I want to renew this domain so I can send it to her. She owes me something like $223 right now, plus another $13 for the next year of the domain. So we'll see. Truthfully, I don't care all that much about the money at this point - if she *did* get it to me, it'd be by giving my mom cash, and I'd just tell my mom to keep it - I owe her a good deal and she needs it more than I do right now. But it's the principle of the thing, and no *way* am I loaning her *more* money before getting back stuff. Including my scifi. Chtorr better not be damaged, that's all I'm saying about *that*.

Gems from the C++ channel on EFNet:

<brucet> who said i wanted to READ??? i want someone to TELL me how to do it

okay. Things I Need To Do. Hang out with Marta more and GET THAT EMAIL SENT TO ANNA!


Incidentally, while I doubt most people would take me up on this :P I now have a reasonably open and standing offer, open to most people (ask! ask!) of snuggling-and-anything-that-might-lead-to. So yeah.

now, clean room or email Anna?

. . . room can wait.
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