December 1st, 2001


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Anyone that licks me is sure to say I taste like:

Click here to take the new and improved Ice Cream Flavor Test at!

how curious.

You are Ash Ketchum.

Pokemon trainer, who spends most of his time bonding with his funny little
monsters than actually training them, you are a rather pathetic figure,
your one goal to be the best Pokemon trainer in the world. I think you
still owe Misty a bike.

You look like a crazed hamster.

Who would you be? Meep
Personality Test

uhhh, takes one to know one!

(that's probably the weirdest test I've seen yet.)

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this is how I've been known to handle memory aids.

I have a meaningful entry that I'm thinking about. I just haven't gotten around to writing it.
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