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Zorba the Hutt's Journal

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2001
*ahem*Collapse )

current mood: laughing

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oh, incidentally, it's official (as I misspell "official" three times - clearly it's past time for bed) -



Yes, all of it. or almost all of it. I *so* want to meet all of you Boulder people ^^ And all the others besides, of course, I *know* I'm leaving people out but I'm too lazy and sleepdep to track them down.


*bounces* *bounces*

now I wish I had that Kiki icon! Does anyone have a good picture of Kiki? I can't find one *anywhere*!

okay. yeah. sleepdep is definitely occuring.

Oooooh, and I have new comic books! Shiny things, shiny things!

current mood: poingpoingpoing (ferret shock)

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I am a Minimalist Cow Sculpture.

My massive green incongruity mingles with past stitched screwdrivers. Mango potential exudes around my recycled writing gastropods. I fire enraged plastic knees on webbed bags.

What smell fragments hot curiosity? The Utterly Surreal Test

How strange.

current mood: amused

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zorbathut's livejournal?

Sleepdep to further the Utterly Surreal Test How strange. Like to further the world you BOULDER for bed, ahem I'M going with past stitched screwdrivers. Am. Incidentally, I had that. Shiny things, shiny things, shiny things, shiny things, shiny things!

*falls over laughing*

shiny things, shiny things, shiny things!

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clearly it's time for the Zorba-Wakes-Up link spam, but while I normally wouldn't be posting *quite* this much stuff, I just got pointed to this, which is one of the most masterfully written jokes I've ever seen. I had to check the website to make sure it really *was* a joke, and I'm *still* not entirely sure. Downright hilarious.

current mood: amused

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