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Zorba the Hutt's Journal

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Wednesday, December 12th, 2001
GRRRR. Once again . . . out of all my downloads, WHY IS A LOUSY MOVIE GOING THE FASTEST?

(this time it's Star Trek: Generations.)

current mood: annoyed

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5:19p - random memories
I remember that Michael had a girlfriend. Apparently she was worried that he didn't love her anymore . . . that he was going to leave her. She was in the continguous States, he was, of course, in Hawaii. Then she found out that he was having another girl over for an undetermined amount of time, and she was certain, but he said he loved her and insisted he wasn't going to leave her . . .

I wonder if those two ever think about the people whose lives they shattered.

current mood: . . .

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Look! It's another one! Now not only can you have a picture of the X-Box, you can have a REAL box that one once came in!

current mood: amused

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