December 14th, 2001


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"OK, I know it was stupid of me to hang that stupid sign on my door. I'm sorry #107. (I know I've annoyed you many times this semester, and I'm sorry, I'll be much more (not quite sure of the word order here, the person has a bunch of arrows - there's "towards", "silent", and "silence" - go figure) from now on . . . BUT . . . when you get a chance, I'd like to ask you about some "cheat codes" I accidentally stumbled upon while using the Internet. If you think it means nothing, you can call me stupid and I'll NEVER bother you again, (at least I'll try)"

this I found in front of my door. No room number. No name. The back of it informs me that on the 20th at 2pm they should be in Room 127 for Greek. Plus they have a paper and a final for MRT, and an in-class for 19th. And a final paper for WB. And a take home paper for (backwards P, o, backwards P and forwards P fused together with a little plus on the top-right).

Very curious. Anyone have any ideas? :P

I left a note on the whiteboard basically saying "you know, if you want me to get in touch with you, you're gonna have to tell me who you are".

go figure . . .
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I am most like

as dirty as they come. As much as I love StileProject, I must admit, it's pretty
much the underarm of the internet.

When you're not watching porn you can be found flipping through coroner's

Does the word "Japscat" ring a bell?

The Obscure Website Test


incidentally, don't follow that link. Especially if you're in public.

I thought they said OBSCURE websites though. Stile's practically a cultural icon.

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Walked out of dorm room - next-door neighbor was standing dressed only in boxers, about two inches in front of his door, with his head resting against a piece of paper on the door, staring at it intently.

Definitely weird.

surreality continues

Last night, the person next door's room was open - propped open - with the light off and completely empty. At, like, 4 AM. And he's apparently giving away a lot of clothes and a bottle of tabasco sauce, as they're next to his door with a note above them reading, effectively, "take me". However, the note did not also refer to his CDs, which I could have - presumably - just walked in and taken.

I went to class and ran into someone in the hall who wanted to know how I'd liked lunch. My response: "huh?" As usual, I didn't go to lunch today.

Also, a friend in compsci was telling me about how they'd met some strange person in Biggs (computer lab) who was apparently a big conspiracy theory nut - they'd written out a big equation that took into account Chinese symbols and such. Then they'd opened up a popular webpage, followed a series of relatively hidden links, and the computer crashed and printed out exactly what he'd just written on the board. Apparently this is the same person who left the note in front of my door.

Finally, my computer is now working perfectly.

One of the above paragraphs is a lie. Guess which one!
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