December 24th, 2001



If I were a Slayers character, I'd be Lina Inverse!  Who would you be?

well *I* could have told you *that*.

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yeah, I can believe that also.

Here I am, home again . . . it hasn't changed. Same ol' same ol'. Still hurts, still . . . yeah. too many memories. I've been down this road before.

A year ago I was probably in her arms at this very moment.

can I just have one happy Christmas? Just once? No, no, I'm guessing I can't, not with the way this is going so far . . . blah. I have nothing really to say.

Question. How do you go about repairing a damaged trust? (No, this isn't about the ex.)
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I suppose eventually someone's going to ask this, so I'll just get around to answering it here and now . . . Why is it that I really don't like Christmas?

Well, take a look at the reasons people *do* like Christmas. For one, they like the religious aspects. I'm not religious. Two, they like being in a house with family and such. The only family I've got here is my mom, and, well, as much as she's a nice person in some ways, it's kinda stressful being around her in a living situation and I don't really like it. Three, they get gifts. I'm not getting much this year. Mom and dad are broke. Four, they can be around loved ones . . . no comment.

And, of course, there's the other thing . . . that last year I was looking forward to spending a wonderful holiday with the one I loved(-d), and we're all sick of hearing about how that turned out, aren't we?

Christmas doesn't have anything for me except bad memories. Neither does new year's. Neither does my birthday. And I get all of them in quick succession, woooo.

Incidentally, still looking for answers to questions posed in last entry.
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