January 7th, 2002


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You know that feeling when someone you really care about, who you've known for years and always wanted to be better friends with, gives you a wonderful compliment totally unexpectedly?

Yeah, that feeling.

It's nice.
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weird weird night

Had no less than THREE dreams. That's, like, a record for me. That's, like, a record for an entire month, if I don't dream any more the entire month. I just plain don't get dreams.

Don't remember 'em too well though. There was one that was about Slayers Next, and one that was about the CRFH/Fans crossover. Yes, I'm a nerd. The only thing I remember about the third dream was that it wasn't very good, and midway through it I thought "wait, this is very strange. I wonder if this is just a dream. I think I'll try to wake up." So I did, and I did.

Go figure.
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