January 8th, 2002


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the most random things hurt . . .

I mean, Sterling. It's the name of a metal. Sterling silver. I forget what it is - something like 5% copper and 95% silver. No, just checked, 7.5% copper. Good enough.

But, yeah. I mean, I know sterling silver. I've worked with sterling silver. It's annoying because it's a bit tough to tell when it's annealed. Plus you have to quench it all at once, or it cracks. Actually, it cracks if you do a lot of things to it - it's pretty annoying stuff. (I'm told that nothing beats white gold in terms of being a frustrating metal to work with, though.)

Sterling is also the name of a street in Boulder, which I ran across while trying to find a place that might sell the parts I need to build meself a soundcard cable. I'm doing a pretty long wandering tomorrow - start here, go there, continue on to bank to deposit a topcoder check, back on to CompUSA to get rid of this mouse (it just doesn't refresh fast enough . . . there's a barely-noticeable lag in UT, but it's enough. It just isn't quite *perfect* . . . just really really close. Guess wireless technology still needs a little work.), then back home. And possibly steal the mouse from luna's computer until she gets home and can figure out where her dad has the spare ^^;; Or maybe I'll just blow the five bucks on the cheapest mouse I can find there - spare mice almost never hurt.

so . . . yeah. It's fun here. luna's great. as expected. I still need to finish up meeting people, but with any luck I'll go off to school with her in a day or two and meet tcherub and possibly others. (yes yes, I'm using LJ names. This is because I'm writing on LJ. It's a reflex :P) Making a ton of progress in the engine . . . I mean, I'm probably less than a week from having something usable. As long as you don't want sound :P I haven't even started conceptualizing that yet. but . . . yeah. That can be added later. Less than a week. *shakes head* hey hawkswift, want to do some art for me? It's just about time to actually make something.

things are, in general, good . . .

(sterling is also the nickname of the person I lost Her to.)
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