March 5th, 2002


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I have just seen something which makes no sense whatsoever.

At you can now download version 5.0 of their software. There are, in effect, two versions - the Basic and the Pro. Basic is free. Pro costs $30, unless you're willing to put ad/spyware on your system, in which case it's free.

Now, think about their target population for a second.

DivX format is primary used for making illegal copies of video.

Say it again: ILLEGAL COPIES.

How many copies of DivX pro do they honestly think they can sell to this crowd?
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What happens when you take an artificial intelligence bot and throw my quotes file through it as source material.

Start at: [2002/03/05 15:27:23]
MegaHAL: <Kcronos> l:roms p:roms port:21.
User: hello megahal
MegaHAL: <Assmanhoe> that class will define "hello" will be---->word b =
MegaHAL: "hello.
User: speak!
MegaHAL: <Aerith_ga> speak of the pics are rotfl!
User: this is highly surreal.
MegaHAL: <Dach1nk> his father looks like a fat girl... Embarrasing to be
MegaHAL: highly rewarded.
User: Display your artifical intelligence to me.
MegaHAL: <Penisman> hey, inferno, i heard you had to turn up
MegaHAL: intelligence, the one marked brightness doesnt seem to be able
MegaHAL: to kill you.
User: but why would it want to kill you?
MegaHAL: <Vano> zorbathut: i bet you at 3am) and after like 10 minutes
MegaHAL: kissed me and i'll give you the url if you want to kill you.
User: I didn't kiss you!
MegaHAL: (Bigboi) my uncle says i kiss better than that, i fixed this
MegaHAL: guy's computer up the other day, and from the back of a lot of
MegaHAL: music. Believe it or hunt that down and burn it for you.
User: mmm, fire
MegaHAL: <Zorbathut> printf("\"good god!\", betty exclaimed. \"Sam, your
MegaHAL: pants are on fire!\"\n\t\"what, again?\" sam replied irritably.
MegaHAL: \"This is the center for sexual arousment only.
User: oh, go around yourself.
MegaHAL: <Gremlin> oh ya i got your e-mail thankyou. Now i just realized
MegaHAL: that korman reminds me of myself a lot, and skrekki reminds me
MegaHAL: of myself a trip around town and talk all hours of class, i can
MegaHAL: refuse, seeing as he'd have to kill you.
User: I mean "arouse", not "around", but why are you so obsessed with
User: death?
MegaHAL: <Aeris_afk> compn:you just lost your ass but if you point it at
MegaHAL: the death.
User: Even Aerith was never that illogical.
MegaHAL: *** Aerith_ga is backie!
User: did she ever leave?
MegaHAL: <Yuhjn> she would say, "see, there is none. You read from it.
MegaHAL: It was really impressive that he didn't leave his real name
MegaHAL: first.
User: that's not impressive at all.
MegaHAL: (Mystic1) monday morning, i go over to the insurance company
MegaHAL: where i never found it. It was really impressive that he didn't
MegaHAL: fall down. (He was walking backwards, too.
User: okay, that's a bit more impressive, agreed.
MegaHAL: <Gambit-> moebius, i think they are going to be a bit more
MegaHAL: impressive, agreed.
User: So show me something of your new-found impressiveness.
MegaHAL: <Painbreak> my head is fucking you in the arena... I just sat
MegaHAL: there, captivated by its quick, jerking movements, that looked
MegaHAL: unbelievably graceful and humanlike... Very unbefitting of your
MegaHAL: new-found impressiveness.
User: I think it's time for this interview to be over.
MegaHAL: You have been greeted not by the time of the interview... I
MegaHAL: almost fell ouita my chair.
User: Any last words, megahal?
MegaHAL: (Swamp|fox) so what did i write my 40 words on? Sun wu kong the
MegaHAL: monkey king!@ oh yes, sun wu kong, the monkey king's 67th (out
MegaHAL: of 72) magical power is to know about this development nezumi.
User: If anyone wishes to talk to megahal, just leave a comment and
User: I'll see what Hal has to say about it.
MegaHAL: <Mystic1> hahahahahahah zorba i should talk, i have a talk
MegaHAL: about this guys i really am.
User: Adios!
MegaHAL: <Aerith_ga> kinky kabuki wannabe kowaii spicegirl ninja neko
MegaHAL: neko wai wai!!

And yes, that offer's real - just post a comment. :)
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