April 2nd, 2002


why I don't use macs

* Customer: "When my computer boots up, all I get is a black screen that says, 'boot2/'."
* Tech Support: "What operating system are you using?"
* Customer: "I'm using Windows 98 and NT 4.0."
* Tech Support: "Ok, I'm the Mac tech. The Windows tech is gone, but I can try to help you."
* Customer: "Ok, what should I do? I've reformatted the hard drive and have fresh installs of both operating systems."
* Tech Support: "Sir, have you put any cheese or mustard in your a drive?"
* Customer: "What? Did you just ask me if I put cheese or mustard in my floppy drive?"
* Tech Support: "Yeah, we've had that happen a lot lately."
* Customer: (staring blankly at roommate, who was laughing uncontrollably on the floor) "I think I'll wait for the PC tech to get back. Thanks for the help." (click)
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For some reason Oberlin smells like DC.

I'm not sure why, or even what this means, but I'm sitting here realizing that there's this smell I recognize, and I track it down and, well, it feels like trees and rain and that particular mix of scents when it's warm and humid but it's stopped raining anyway.

I remember being at heronblue's last summer and sitting in my room and it smelled like this. it's a little comforting.

. . . don't seem to have anything else to say here really.

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So I think it's the motherboard that's defective. However, I've had it a few months, so I'd have to send it back to the manufacturer. Who doesn't cross-ship. And has handling time.

So what's the expected turnaround?

2-3 weeks.

That's just fucking wonderful.

To say nothing of the fact that the only place in Oberlin that ships things tends to lose them or damage them (though I don't suppose I care about the second one in this case.)