April 5th, 2002


my recent experience with Linux games

can be divided into four categories.

"Wow! It's a classic puzzle/board/card game! Pity the graphics suck and it's not any fun."
"Hey, I remember playing this on my 386! It had better graphics though. And the levels were better. I should go play that again, it was fun. This isn't."
"Ah, a flawless port of a modern game. Yes . . . yes, this is indeed identical to the game I could play on Windows. Identical in every way."
"I'm not sure what this is. It sucks though."

I've been less than impressed :P

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Honestly. They have a turing machine simulator listed under "games". No more needs to be said.

I think I'll go play Tetris. Or "Gnometris" as the case may be.

Pity it's not any fun.