April 12th, 2002


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I'm in a weird mood.

Someone remind me why it's a bad idea to get obsessed with Game Boy Advance programming?

(BTW, I now know the entire hardware architecture in detail, except the sound system. Took me two hours too. The available documentation *sucks*.)
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Riddle time!

<Raphael^^> "What do you break by saying its name?"
<ZorbaTHut> silence!
<Raphael^^> yay:)
<Raphael^^> "What happened in Paris on June 31, 1945?"
<Stingray_> june only has 30 days
<Raphael^^> yay:)
<Raphael^^> "what holds water but is full of holes?"
<DuneBoy> a water permicable membrane?
<ZorbaTHut> George W. Bush's speeches as reported on by a conservative media?

and, in other news . . .

<MachinShi> "I always said that you would have to be high to get Lain. My friend tried it...he still could not understand it. I should befriend a Mushroom junkie and see if it takes a little more =/"