May 3rd, 2002


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Sorry for the extreme delay. Our ISP has been telling us
that our internet will be working tomorrow for this
entire week. Our email still doesn't work.

But anyway, it's my pleasure to be able to offer you the
job. We want to pay you $30k. How does that sound?

*happy smile*

now on one hand I'm just feeling like it would be a good idea to take the money and RUN. (so to speak.)

on the other hand, I'm probably worth more than $30k. I can haggle a little, can't I?

BTW, I'm going to be in Seattle in a month. :P
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(no subject)

Oh yeah. I guess I forgot to mention where I was getting a job.

It's a games company in Bellevue.

I'm gonna be a programmer for them.

Now how cool is that? :)
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