May 6th, 2002


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"At this time we are unavailable to take your call. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please try your call again later. Thank you for calling."

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how do you write an entry that might hurt people without hurting people?

because see it needs to be written. I think. because this is my journal and it's about me, right, so shouldn't it be accurate?

but people read this journal who talk to me and are involved so maybe it shouldn't be, because then everyone will be happier.

and you could say "don't read this if it will hurt you" but then everyone will whether it will or not (this is psychology) and it wouldn't do any good.

or you could set it so that only the people who should read it could read it but that seems dishonest because it's the very people who shouldn't read it who probably should and shouldn't.

plus I am of course faced with the fact that I really want the people to read it and the only thing I can assume from that is that I'm starting to get bitter and that's not a good thing.

I hope I'm not manipulating people. I'm not that complex. what I say is what I mean and no more.

read this. tomorrow I might post an updated version.

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so i'm curious.

is there anybody who wouldn't want me to write a totally honest totally open rant about all the people who've hurt me and what they did?

quite possibly with enough info to identify people.

partially this question is towards those people who hurt me. so if you don't want me to, leave a reply or send me an im. or if you don't want me or anyone else to know who it is, you can leave an anonymous comment (note that IP logging on my journal is, as always, off.)

this isn't to say I will or won't, I'm just curious.
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interesting facts

there are five people who have hurt me medium-bad or more in the past two years.

one of them no longer talks to me (and we all know who that is) so obviously she wasn't going to respond. Removed from consideration.

one of them it wasn't her fault in the remotest slightest way, it was the product of circumstances, and she knows I forgive her. She posted publicly, not regarding it, because she's probably not considering it (because I've forgiven her, okay? not a problem in the least, and I mean this.) Special case. Removed from consideration.

Of the three remaining . . .

One of them publicly posted with username to say that I could say anything and that honesty was a good thing.

One of them publicly posted with username to say that it would make them feel bad because they'd be being judged by only one side of the story, and that they'd like it if I talked to them, but that it's my journal. And apologized for what happened.

One of them sent me a private message threatening me.

What does this say?

(Note that I'm not certain if it was serious or not. But if it wasn't, there's certainly no way I can tell.)
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