May 7th, 2002


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<ZorbaTHut> mind, next you're going to be telling me that you don't like Six String Samurai.
<Mind2> like what?
<ZorbaTHut> Six String Samurai! The best Wizard of Oz takeoff set in Death Valley with a Buddy Holly clone and midgets *ever*!

(incidentally, I mean "buddy holly clone" as in "it's basically buddy holly", not as in "and now we take Buddy Holly's DNA".)

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you know, I'm finally figuring out what's wrong with at least this MMORPG.

There's no possibility of boss creatures.

See, a boss creature requires something to be uncommonly hard, but still possible. And the problem with that is the only real way to do it is very valuable consumables.

I'm sure most people reading this have been through one of those in an RPG - the kind of thing where you beat it and realize you've just burned through 2/3 of those elixirs you've been stockpiling for the entire game. But Anarchy Online, at least, has no such thing. You're always using your most powerful abilities against enemies, because there's never any reason not to.

And even if they added in superpowerful consumables, they still wouldn't be all that useful, because, by and large, there's not even the possibility of a boss creature. A boss has to be *worth* the effort you put into it - in most RPGs it's worth it because it advances the plot. But in MMORPGS, there's equipment and experience, and nothing else. And if you start handing out disproportionate experience, people will focus on those critters (or team up) and kill them. And if you start handing out exceptional equipment . . . well, yeah :P

It's kinda unfortunate.

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I need help.
If anyone has seen a british movie from the late 70s/early 80s that involved two women who worked in like, a chicken plucking factory or something, please tell me what the name of it is. i know this is insanely vague.

anyone know? :P