May 17th, 2002


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And I didn't even have to use Frankenbox.

For tomorrow: . . . lug 9 boxes to East Field Storage. Ohwonderful >_<


and I could seriously use a snuggle >_<

thoughts of a conversation with harperjean while carting many boxes of greenity's to Harkness . . . *why* is it that I can't find anyone to snuggle with? I mean, especially at *Oberlin*.

And, oh yes, it's going to be so much easier in Seattle . . . *sighs*
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note for those who may be bitten by this

If you ask me for advice, I take it seriously, and my advice may very well be anything from "Stick it to the man" to "Shut your mouth and grow up already".

I'm not going to just agree with you though :P

(not that I think she was necessarily expecting blind parroting - but I rather doubt she was expecting the first comment I've ever written that exceeded the character limit :P)

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IE5 for MacOS 9 downloads faster if there's a browser window open.

Like, twice as fast.

(note: it has a "download manager" that allows it to download without a browser window open. for reasons unexplained it gets about 1/2 the bandwidth without one, though, even if the browser window is doing something completely unrelated.)
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