May 29th, 2002


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So work was interesting.

Found out what game they're making.

Apparently they're getting more PS2 dev kits. Quite neat little device - it runs off network storage or something. So you build it on the linux box and say "run!" then walk over to whatever ps2 dev kit you chose for it to run on.

My work computer is odd. It has a TNT1 and 512mb RAM. I'm not sure how new it is. Win2k though. They dug out a copy of MSVC++6 which I'm going to play with to see if I can get it working properly over the network. Compilation is done with gcc on the linux box.

You have any idea how surreal this all is?
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For those who don't know, Sony recently came up with a new "copy protection" method that made their CDs not work on computers and some CD players (and boy were people happy about this.) Well, recently someone figured out how to break the copy protection, using nothing more than a felt-tipped pen.

I joked about how Sony would now try to ban felt-tipped pens - only, apparently, legally speaking, they *have* to.

It's in the DMCA.

A felt-tipped pen is legally now a circumvention device.

Along with basically anything that could make opaque markings on a CD. Like, say, whiteout, or paint, or fingernail polish . . . or blood, for that matter :P

I think someone needs to try to enforce this, just to demonstrate how absurd the DMCA is.

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reminded of by this . . .

Went down to the bank to change my account address, seeing as how I'm no longer in Oberlin.

"Hi, I'd like to change the address on my account."
"Oh, you've moved? Okay, what's your account number?"
*taptaptap* "Let's see . . . it says here you were on . . . Lorain St?"
"Yes, in Oberlin. My college address."
"Ah, coming home from college! Where's Oberlin?"
Well, the address may have been on the screen right in front of her, but maybe she's just trying to be polite . . .
"In Ohio. Near Cleveland."
"Is that near Miami?"
". . . Not really."

The address change proceeded from there, although I hadn't needed to keep a straight face before that.