June 6th, 2002


(no subject)

I'm sorry, folks, voice recognition just isn't good enough to be used in a corporate setting yet.

phone> Welcome to the Sears Customer Service phone line! Please speak the name of the department you wish to reach now!
me> Digital camera.
phone> I'm sorry, we couldn't understand you.
me> *sigh*
phone> Please say the department name again, or for a list of the available departments, say "List Departments".
me> List departments.
phone> Now redirecting you to Men's Apparel.
me> DOH!
phone> If this is not the department you want, say "no" to cancel.
me> No.
me, thinking to myself> If they send me to Men's Apparel anyway I'm just going to hang up.
phone> Canceled.
me> Whew.
phone> Now redirecting you to an operator.
me> THANK you.
operator> What department do you want, sir?
me> Digital cameras, please.
operator> One second.

And it proceeded fine from there.

Well, except the part where they didn't have either of the cameras I wanted to try, but that's another story entirely.