June 7th, 2002


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Sitting next to me I've got the three large books about the internal Playstation 2 hardware architecture. One on the "Emotion Engine" (a fancy name for the CPU), one for the Vector Unit (hardware transformation), and one for the Graphics Synthesizer, also known as the Thing That Draws Stuff.

I've mentioned how incredibly surreal this is, right?

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Amusing. On one of the mailing lists I'm on, someone is having router problems. He pasted in a bit from his log with the last two parts of the IP removed for "paranoid security purposes".

I don't know what the last two bytes were, obviously, but the first two were 192 and 168.

Paranoid is right :P

(For those who don't know, 192.168.*.* are internal IP addresses - they simply don't exist on the 'net. Same with 10.*.*.*. They're designed for LANs and other things that don't need the Internet to connect to them directly.)
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reconstruction: intermission

Tomorrow I'm buying a digicam. Either the D-550 or the C-3020.

Which means I'm gonna need server space.

Anyone know of or got a server that I could put some pics on? That allows external linking, that is. Leave me a comment or lob me an IM. :)