June 27th, 2002


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Note to girls who say "You didn't notice my haircut!" in an accusatory fashion:

THIS is how it generally looks from *my* side.

Why don't I mention it?

Because if I do, it *invariably* turns out that you haven't *changed* your hair!

"Zorba is" on Google . . .

some of these are actually really amusing.

Zorba is in all ways the direct opposite of Basil.
Zorba is the keynote speaker at the Tempo International-Madison Chapter.
ZORBA is an initiative to produce a standard interface
for performing distributed search and retrieval on the Internet.
Zorba is the foundation of the temple. Buddha is the temple itself. (the title of the webpage this comes from: "WHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH ZORBA" - it's actually kind of funny)
Where Zorba is spontaneous, Nico is hesitant.
Zorba is the quintessential free spirit.
Zorba is the mine boss, then does indeed do the cooking for the two.
Zorba is very much his own man and a law unto himself.
Zorba's is not the place to go. (DOH!)
Zorba's is genuinely committed to keeping the jazz scene alive.
The plot of Zorba is deceptively simple.
Zorba is life itself, a fleeting moment with a discrete beginning and final end.
Zorba is powered by an ATMEGA103 from ATMEL that features 128kb of program flash, 4kb ram and 4kb eeprom for data.
Zorba's is a nice place to sit down and eat. (woo!)
The only downfall at Zorba's is that it is a little bit pricey. (doh!)
zorba is fantastic.

And apparently this is a Zorba.

Searching for "zorbathut is" is a lot more boring, because it's actually about me. There's only one ZorbaTHut on the 'net, it seems :P

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"Claire is best known as the character of the evil Alti on the hit TV series Xena:Warrior Princess and is also known as the Jersey Devil in the Sci-Fi phenomenon, The X-Files."

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"context"? what's that?

spycigrrl: heehee
spycigrrl: Athena is usually represented wearing a helmet, the snakey-fringed aegis with gorgoneion and carrying a shield or spear (even in depictions of her birth).
spycigrrl: "full grown and fully clothed"
spycigrrl: yeah, i would hope so
spycigrrl: +rolls her eyes+
spycigrrl: I invented the rake?
spycigrrl: gah
spycigrrl: and she was forever hated by 13 year olds everywhere

(note: I really said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING during this time)

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Bizarreness of the Day:

"Hey! I *know* her! What do I know her from?"

Eventually I think I figured it out - she was a very cool girl in a writing class I had at Central.

Unfortunately, the bus I was on was moving at the time, and she wasn't on it.


Well, if I see her again I'll say hi, assuming we're not seperated by twenty feet and thirty MPH.

(and *man* did she have a sexy haircut.)
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