August 10th, 2002


more random thoughts

"I wonder what the melting point of badger is?"
"She blinded me . . . with BLINDNESS!"
"How would Star Trek had been different if she'd been named 'Jadzia Yaks'? I mean, you thought *their* symbiote looked weird . . ."
"Incest! It's funny 'cause it's true!"
"The scary thing about 'your mom' jokes is that, statistically speaking, some of them are *right*."
"Here is a picture of me, standing in front of the lodge we stayed in during our vacation. *ka-click* Here is a picture of my wife in front of the lodge. *ka-click* Here is a picture of our dog in front of the lodge. *ka-click* Here is a picture of Timmy. *ka-click* Here is a picture of Kate. *ka-click* Here is a picture of Jeffrey. *ka-click* Here is a person we met at the lodge. *ka-click* Here is another person. *ka-click* This is their dog. *ka-click* This is their other dog. *ka-click* This is their third dog. *ka-click* Now here are all the binary combinations of people and dogs standing in front of the lodge. *ka-click* *ka-click* *ka-click* *ka-click* *ka-click* *ka-click* (repeat about two thousand more times)"
"Is that perl?" "No, it's line noise." "Try running it." "Hey, it *is* perl!"
"It would be funny to compile a list of laws, and figure out absolutely everything that's illegal in any country or state, then go around telling people 'That would be illegal in Romania!' and 'That would be illegal in Iceland!' and so forth. Actually, I'm not sure funny is the word for it. Annoying might be closer."
"More words need to involve consecutive x's. Like suxxor. And xxx."
"I wonder what sniper rifles in the world of Minority Report are like." (remember - the gun in Minority Report had to be spun around in order to fire again :P)

this has been a random *night* :P