August 16th, 2002


how to know you've been playing a certain fighting game too much

You don't have the sound effects on, but that's okay, because you can make them yourself!

"Arina beam!"
"Inazuma crush!"
"Jump! Jump!" (yes, he actually says "jump" :P)
"Arina carnival!"
"Super Rai!"

And then there's entire collection of things Fernandez says, which mostly sound like "weep!" and "neebopneebop!" and such.
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Finished the first real-data full-resolution test of the first vector compression project. It took about 18 hours, running on 12 computers, and compressed what was previously almost a 550mb file down to under 200mb.
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Hey, neat! The game I'm working on is finally announced!

Take a look here - under "EverQuest game [untitled]".

yeah, we don't have a title for it yet :P

. . . um, or a release date.