September 12th, 2002


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Seen in a paper while waiting for teriyaki:

    WASHINGTON - Two U.S. passenger jets made unscheduled landings Wednesday during a tense day of false alarms and heightened security for federal authorities on alert for possible terrorist attacks.
    Northwest Airlines Flight 979, traveling from Memphis to Las Vegas, was diverted to Fort Smith, Ark., after the flight crew became suspicious about the actions of a male passenger.
    Federal investigators said that flight attendants became concerned after the man carried a shaving kit into a bathroom and then spent what the attendants considered to be an unusually long time in the bathroom.
    After the man came out, the captain of the Northwest Airbus A320 ordered the jet's bathrooms locked and decided to land in Fort Smith, FBI spokesmen said.
    The jet, carrying 94 passengers and a crew of five, landed at Fort Smith Regional Airport at 9:55 a.m. CDT.
    The man and a male companion were being questioned by authorities late Wednesday, along with two other men on the flight who other passengers mistakenly believed were traveling with them.
    Federal prosecutors had not decided whether any charges would be filed.

Filed for WHAT?

Being a slow shaver?

Being the *friend* of a slow shaver?

Being someone who people THOUGHT - MISTAKENLY - might be the friend of a slow shaver?

COME ON, people!

(The really amusing part is that, considering how he's spending an "unusually long time in the bathroom", it's quite possible that what he went in there to do wasn't related to shaving at all.)

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ZorbaTHut: yeah. the moon *has* to be gibbous in order for eldritch horrors to roam the land.
ZorbaTHut: it's a fact.
rustedlemon: okay... several questions to that one.
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<all4u> is it actually possible to bind() a socket ?
<larne> umm
<larne> you bind sockets to addresses
<larne> so .. yes
<all4u> is it actually possible to bind() a RAW socket ?
<larne> yes
<all4u> is it actually possible to bind() a RAW socket as a guest in win2000/xp ?
<larne> since you can't manage to ask your question I'll stop trying to answer
<all4u> larne because you do not know the answer ?
<MetaCosm> calc freud
<CalcMe> freud = Cheap psychology like "If you knew C++, you would be able to answer my question" doesn't impress us. You are not the first to use that. (DOH!)

Thank you, come again.

(Note: his first question is basically equivalent to saying "Is it actually possible to use a hammer to hammer things?" Well, um, yeah. That's what it's DESIGNED for.)

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So let's say there's this hypothetical company online. They have a lot of people who don't pay for their services, and they give 'em out because they're Cool People, but they also have a large number of paying customers.

And let's also say that the company's quality has been questionable for a very long time. The servers are slow sometimes, they bring large portions of the accounts down for maintenance with little to no warning - sometimes only informing the users after the fact - and sometimes the servers are so bad as to be unusable.

True, they have a page to tell their customers about the status. But it's usually out of date at best, and completely inaccurate at worst, sometimes going for days during heavy outages while still claiming everything's okay.

Well, not for a while, actually. For a while now it's just sort of been a general "Things are sucking, we know, we're working on it" . . . in fact, it seems like it's been that way for a month or two now, and quite likely, it has. The current policy seems to be "well, it's Just Like That. And we're working on it. So be patient." Of course, there's often a date set for when it'll get fixed . . . sometimes it even gets better. Unfortunately it tends to degrade again almost immediately.

Would you say this company is doing a good job of dealing with its users?

It's just irritating, ya know? I realize brad and all are doing their best, but it's hard to remember a time when the servers *weren't* slow. And it seems like any complaint I've ever seen has been met by "You aren't paying for it, stop whining" (oh, but I am! in fact, I've forked over a grand total of $125 so far) or "They're doing their best!"

I'm sorry, but "I'm doing my best" isn't a catchall excuse. Microsoft says "We're doing our best" and people don't like them, and I imagine Enron executives said something much the same - I've sort of lost sympathy with that line.

When do we get hard evidence that Livejournal isn't just trying to play catchup - when are they planning to order enough servers to serve their userbase for *next* month, rather than enough servers to serve their userbase for *last* month?

The fact that I'm posting this ON LIVEJOURNAL should be a sign that I'm not exactly feeling like starting a war with the admins :P but, sheesh, enough is enough, folks.

And the fact that I've copied this into notepad before posting - like I had to do with the other two entries today, or I would have lost them - is a sign that something's seriously wrong with their setup.
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"This is not spam. Check this out !!!"

I deleted it. Somehow I doubt I was missing much.

The best bit of spam I got today, though, was the one with the subject "Re: free topless photos".

Well, I don't *remember* writing that email, but if someone replied to it, I must have! I'd better read it RIGHT NOW!