September 27th, 2002


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Not the most impressive assault I've ever done.

"Enemy! I'll kill it! Oh no, there's two! Paralyze one and run! Okay, one's stopped, I'll kill this one . . . er . . . I hope . . . okay, that was a lucky shot. Whew. He's dead. Now, wasn't there - OH NO! The other one's back! Paralyze it and run! Whew, made it - ACK, the paralyze wore off! Try again! Whew - ACK! RUN! He's immune or something! OUT OF THE MISSION! *deep breaths* made it. That was close."

Now entering Mort.

Attacked by Cyborg Brigadier General.


Luckily the monster had wandered out of the entryway in the meantime, so he didn't attack me, and I could recharge and blast him to pieces :P Although even then it wasn't easy - those cyborg sentries are *nasty*.
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And that was a fitting end to the mission also.

See, I'm a fixer. Fixers have this nano that lets us get out of tough places. It's not instant. In fact, it takes all of six seconds to work. You hit it, six seconds later you're safe. Not only are you not in the mission anymore, but technically, you're not even on the *planet* anymore.

I hit the nano when I was at near-full health - I didn't think I could do that battle.

I almost died before it triggered.

I think I'm abandoning that mission.

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You know, the world would have been a lot different if they decided to produce the third draft of Star Wars instead of the fourth draft of Star Wars.

Yes, "Star Wars: A New Hope" sounds good. But doesn't it sound *so* much less amusing than . . .

"Star Wars: The Adventures of Luke Starkiller!"