October 3rd, 2002


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I love this game.

So I'm racing in to the finish line, in first place, with five seconds until I finish the race.

Then I realize I have 298 kudos.

I'll get 1000 kudos for finishing in first place, but I need 1300 for a gold medal.

So I slam the parking brake, fishtail to the side, pull the steering wheel to the left, drive in *front* of the 2nd place car, he hits me in the front half, pushes me back forward again and goes off into the guardrail, I sail through the finish line and get seven kudos for sliding a full half a second before the 2nd place car hit me.

1305 kudos.

Gold medal.

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needed.boneweights[ p->vert[ p->tri[ i ].v[ j ] ].boneIndex[ k ] ] = p->vert[ p->tri[ i ].v[ j ] ].boneWeight[ k ];

What do you mean, "too much indirection"? I think it's just the *right* amount of indirection.
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