October 25th, 2002


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You know, two days ago I mentioned "as far as I know, just about everyone who's really badly hurt me has found someone better and is really happy with their life, and meanwhile, here I am still struggling to get over my new exciting layered paranoias." And I was thinking about it, and, yeah, with two exceptions, everyone *has*. Those two exceptions being people I lost contact with.

Well, I found one of their journals - ironically, while amusing myself by looking for the *other* person's journal - and we're down to one exception now.

Sometimes it just feels like the gods are *playing* with me, ya know?
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Oh, and another thing. Why on earth is Connecticut such a nexus in my life? I mean honestly. I'd almost consider moving there, but I'm not sure I'd be able to deal with the inevitable lifechanging event that would happen every other week.

I'm just saying.

It's MEME TIME, baby!

So here's the deal. Ask me a question. Any question. I can't guarantee I'll answer it, but if I do, I'll answer honestly. I also can't guarantee I'll answer publicly, but I almost certainly will :P I won't attach your name to it, so it's anonymous.

Go for it.

If you need more space for your question than this offers, toss me an email or talk to me on AIM :P

So what's your question?


Thumbnail Theater presents Hitman

"Hello. I am your new guard."
"Hmmm . . . I don't suppose you've seen a 6'9" bald albino skinhead with a tattoo? He'd look exactly like you, except he's wearing different clothes."
"I have not seen him."
"Oh well. Come on inside."

ze questions so far

It's late, I'm tired, my reflexes are shot, I'm finishing food, I may as well answer a few of these things. Here goes.

"What is your job? Lame question, but I don't think I actually know."

Game programming! w00t. I'm working at Snowblind Studios (and considering replacing their webpage, heh, because it SUCKS.) Mostly I'm doing the stuff that's really deep in the system, like texture compression and map generation and polygon reduction and other stuff.

"What do you see yourself doing in ten years?"

Game programming! w00t.

(It's like deja vu all over again!)

No, seriously. What I want to be doing is *designing* the games, instead of just being a programmer. I want to be the guy coming up with universes and play mechanics, and designing all that (and implementing stuff when I run out of decisions to make, but that's all secondary.) I want to make fun things for people to play in, which leads nicely to my next question . . .

"What is the single most driving passion in your life?"

Two things, that I can't really unextricate. People and imagination. I want to make things that last forever, and ironically, created universes and stories are the only things that sort-of do - they'll never be any less real than they are when I make them. And I like people, and I want to make them happy. The two work together rather nicely in a lot of ways, because, in theory at least, I can make games that people will enjoy. And everything's good.

The last question (so far) is basically impossible to answer without giving away who asked it, so I won't - I'm answering it privately :P

Ask more stuff!

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How on *earth* did that bug hide out for a week? I don't even understand how it *worked*, let alone output results that were even remotely passable in 99% of the cases.
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The first half-second of this song includes no sound but a single click.

I *recognized the click*.

My auditory memory is insane >_
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