October 31st, 2002


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Spaghettini con acciughe
Preparation - Easy
Serves 4

Neapolitans prepare this dish Christmas Eve day, a day of fasting.

. . . am I missing something, or is this description deeply paradoxical?
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So I'm making pasta sauce. It's generating quite an impressive panoply of aromas.

I come back to check on it and there's a dead fly on the stove next to it, upside-down, that most definitely wasn't there before.

Should I take this as a bad sign?

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"Is pornography saved on your PC? Stop wondering and find out!"

I finally realized who these ads are targetted to.

Parents who have teenagers in the house and aren't net-savvy enough to find their *own* porn.

"Aha! So *that's* where he's keeping it! *makes notes*"

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<larne> Steve Wright Show, BBC Radio 2
<larne> Wright: What is the largest rodent in North America?
<larne> Contestant: The great white whale.
<TempName> close
<ScratXP> very close
<ZorbaTHut> silly contestant
<ZorbaTHut> whales aren't in North America
<ZorbaTHut> they're *sea* rodents!

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Minotaur's been sold to someone else, and the quality of service has dropped dramatically in just a week or two.

Time to find a new reseller.