November 11th, 2002


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I guess I'm not really surprised that she took me off her friends list . . . we hadn't talked, even though I'd meant to, but what do you say? "I still feel like you lied to me." Doesn't have the right ring somehow.

I deleted the AIM group a month or two ago. Just about nobody in that group talked to me anymore.

why is honesty such a tricky concept? what's so hard about "I won't lie to you"? Where's the ambiguity?

Still, I wish one of us had tried harder to be friends again . . . I'm just not sure who should have.

That's probably what the problem was.
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Post on K5 about discrimination and when it's "acceptable", since it does seem to be sometimes, yielded an interesting and badly worded comment, which I am rewriting here:

It's only unacceptable to discriminate if the group that practices it has something that outsiders want.

Interesting, and curiously logical.