November 13th, 2002


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Anyone out there who does computer water cooling, I need some advice :P

What I want is a water cooling system for the sole purpose of getting rid of some of these fans. Ideally most or all of them. (I'd actually be quite happy with "most" and being able to switch the remaining fans to something very quiet.)

Now, the problem is, most people don't get water cooling for this purpose. Most people get water cooling to overclock immensely or for coolness factor. I don't need the cutting edge, I don't want to make parts myself, I want to find a place that has some well-designed parts and assemble a cooling system. Shouldn't be hard.

Only it's complicated by the sheer level of need. See, most kits say things like "Provides for one CPU, one graphics card, and TWO HARD DRIVES!" and this just plain isn't going to work. I've got two CPUs, I'm probably going to have two graphics cards, and as of this writing I have five hard drives, and that's likely to increase.

So: I want a place where I can buy well-designed parts to assemble a system that's pretty far beyond the usual.

Any suggestions?

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You know, girl-Dan-level-three is actually kind of sexy.

I realize this comment will make absolutely no sense (as well as being a bit disturbing) to anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, but it had to be said.

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Geli's not here.

She called saying she'd be getting home late . . . around 11 or so. It's now 4 in the morning. I'm worried.

What if something's happened to her? Wouldn't she call? So why hasn't she? Where is she? What's she doing? Is she okay?

And then there's the ever-present thought that maybe she's just fine . . . she's just decided to leave me, that's all.

Geli, where are you?
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You know, looking through these cooling sites, there's always something that strikes me as bizarre.

They've got lots and lots of hardware for improving normal boxes. Round cables, good heatsinks, good fans, cathode ray tubes, etc etc etc. Some of it's designed for looks, some of it's designed for performance. Some people spend hundreds of dollars building enormous water cooling solutions, to overclock their processor far beyond what it's designed to do.

Invariably, none of them are using modern hardware.

I saw one site that was someone who had built a cooling rig that took up an entire table. I'll admit it was a pretty neat system. He managed to overclock his computer to be almost as fast as mine, and only spent about four times what it would have cost him to just buy a newer CPU.

Er, wait. Almost as fast as mine if mine had one CPU.

So there's the question. Why do people spend $800 trying to make what they *have* perform better, when they could spend $200 to simply get something that performs better?

I finally realized why I felt so strange looking through these sites when I found a site with round cables listed on the front page. Round cables are neat. They provide much better airflow. I use round cables. They rock.

They had IDE cables listed on the front page. If you wanted SCSI cables, you had to search for them.

Why not list SCSI cables on the front page? I mean, SCSI's faster!

I still don't get it.
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So I'm browsing websites, and I see an ad that's actually intruiging.


Is that weird or what?

I click it and it's a 404.