November 17th, 2002


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Dug out a few of my old stories.

(I say this casually, but this involved realizing I'd forgotten the zip password since I hadn't touched them in three years, finding a zip breaker, finding one that *worked*, and finally figuring out a way I could crack it easily, realizing it would take a few minutes to set up, going to the bathroom, and suddenly remembering the password. Then it turns out the files were in an ugly proprietary format only readable by the programs of a large corporation that doesn't care about its users too much - obviously I'm talking about Corel - and had to go to my mom's computer to dump them into .txt.)

I think I'll post them gradually - well, those of them that I want to share - and maybe if people like 'em, I'll start writing new stuff too. I need to get back to writing.

Since I'm in a cheerful silly mood, I leave you with a poem I wrote almost exactly three years ago.



Night creeps across the land.
The birds fall silent,
and return to their homes.
The cat stretches out on the couch -
dozes off slowly.
The dogs on the street
find a place to rest for the night.
The world quiets and gathers
its energy for the coming day.
The moon slowly creeps
across the dark night sky.
And here I am, writing a poem
at four in the morning
for a college class.
Isn't it great to be human?