November 20th, 2002


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A post of a friend's that you probably won't be able to see reminded me of this . . .

Revenge of the Incompetent Salespeople.

So I go down to Radio Shack to get an alarm clock. Radio Shack has a nice alarm clock display but has, for some reason, decided not to have the boxes available. I asked a nearby teller to get the box for me.


Said teller sighs dramatically, walks over to the display (very very slowly). I point at the one I want. She sighs again and goes back to the computer, and does something . . . and does something . . . and eventually I catch her eye and she makes a "oh, right" movement with her shoulders and gets the ladder.




The rest of this is all essentially in slow motion.

Takes ladder to the right cabinet, climbs up ladder, shuffles through boxes, drops several, goes down the ladder, picks up box, goes up ladder, puts box away, repeat FOUR TIMES, brings box down, puts ladder away, finally rings me up.

Now if it she was doing this *quickly* I wouldn't mind. But I've seen sloths move faster than she was.

It was impressive.

Once I finally got rung out and left, she was ignoring another customer who had a question about batteries. I decided not to wait and see what happened. If it involved thought, she'd be there for hours.

But not as impressive as the next person!

See, when someone doesn't know English, usually there are a few things they do to try to communicate. For example, hand gestures, pointing at things, etc. Or at least they *know* they don't know English. As near as I can tell, this person doesn't know English *and hasn't realized it*. She mumbles very badly, and she even mumbles the *wrong words*. She rung me up ($34.54) and said, somewhat distinctintly, "fifty-five fifty-four". She seems to scatter random English words around, while not looking at you, and barely loud enough to understand.

And yet she's been working there for months now.

Go figure, right?

Of course, the *really* annoying thing is, if they fired her because she couldn't speak English they'd probably get sued for discrimination.