December 30th, 2002


open call for help

So I really want to go out with someone.

But I'm having trouble finding anyone.

And my track record on finding people that don't dump me painfully isn't very good.

Since I know a lot of my friends are in Seattle - and a lot of them are people that I don't know in person, and that thus know a lot of people that I don't - I guess this is a reasonable place to ask.

Anyone feel like setting me up with a relationship of some sort?

I'm not expecting someone that I'm going to fall in love with before we even meet :P But if anybody knows a female who's single and looking for a nice guy, i.e. me, point them my way? Or point me their way?

I imagine it would be difficult to have a relationship fail *more* dramatically than the ones I've been through already - well, without arson - so this is about as safe as it's ever going to be.

Oh, and I'm serious here. Toss me an email or an IM or leave a comment, your choice.

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. . . ow.

I seriously need to start writing down some of this algorithm.

I wonder what sort of degree it's worth.
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I may have just found the worst webcomic in the world.

It was made entirely in Poser, has no backgrounds, isn't updated regularly, and ISN'T EVEN FUNNY.

I mean, wow.
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"Stand and deliver! Don't let your spleen leave!"

I need to get a copy of this CD.
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