January 2nd, 2003


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I've decided I'm not going to die.

There's just plain too much stuff out there. I mean, it's going to take me a few decades to get sick of games. After that there's compsci research, I imagine I could get half a century out of that no problem. I still haven't started art, I could easily manage at least two dozen years with that, and then there's creative writing, and drama, and really, I can probably burn a century or two on the combinations of those.

And that's without travel. I need to spend a few months touring the US. Then I imagine another few months for Europe. At some point I'll want to visit Japan, only I really should learn Japanese first, and I'll almost certainly get distracted with Japanese history in there (five years). Same with Russia. I don't know much about Africa, so I could probably spend a few years on that. Maybe a few humanitarian projects at some point, I really should do that. That's a few decades spent on travel so far, and I haven't even gotten off the first planet yet! (Well, I *did* spend a few hundred years already, I imagine Mars won't be tough to get to at this point)

At this point I should have some nice long-term investment maturity - and be well past retirement age - so I'll do the rich lifestyle thing for a while. A house in the woods, another by the beach - perhaps built into a cliff face - and I'll be the eccentric investor. Relax for a decade or two, paint the waves breaking on the rocks, learn falconing. Maybe I'll drop my name, pick up a new one, and run a diner in the midwest or a bar on the east coast. It'll have curiously low prices (after all, I don't really need to make money off it), a very low BS tolerance, and - of course - be named Jake's Place, for no explained reason.

Eventually I'll get bored and go back to school. I still haven't done anything with engineering, but since I'm only halfway to the 30th century, there's still plenty of time to catch up.

All I need to do is figure out how to not die.

Anyone know how I can get in contact with Death? Maybe she'd find this interesting.

(so, if you could live forever, what would you do?)

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Stolen from linaeloisetook - I don't usually post these, but this one is really good. Even if you don't do it for me, I recommend doing it for yourself. (My answers here - don't look until you've finished it. I'll know.)

Tell me your favourite colour.

Tell me your colour. These are two different things.

What do your wings look like, if you have them?

Describe your ideal home.

Do you think you're cut out for more than "this"?

Do you know what I mean when I say, "more" and "this"?

What's your purpose?

Do you have a theme song? It's okay if you have more than one.

Tell me where you'd like to run away to.

You are allowed to make one character from any book, movie, etc. that you know into flesh and blood. Who do you choose and why?

Write me a haiku.

So, you've got a powerful item. It's magical and rules the fate of many. Is it a sword, a ring, a book...or something else? What?

You are walking down the street of your hometown, or someplace that you're very familiar with, and you see a very tall, thin man approaching you. He is wearing a battered trenchcoat, lace cuffs, big boots and a top hat. His eyes are striking and playful. He grabs your wrist and tells you it is imperative to follow him. His prescence is filled with magic, and you know that this is not an ordinary person. Will you follow? Where do you suppose he'll take you? Why did he come to you?

What is your real name? This is not necessarily the name your parents gave you.

What are you really wearing? In my world, jeans and t-shirts don't exist. >D

You found it! The magic portal that takes you into your storybooks. What is the first item you take with you? Who is the one person that will be accompanying you?

Think long and hard about that last question. Does that person suspect you'd choose them?

The world needs a little more glitter and a little less concrete, right?

Now. Make a wish. REALLY.

No, REALLY. Do it.

Instead of living life the same way everyday, why don't you take advantage of the whimsical mood you're in now and resolve to make life a little more magical?

Take a risk. Tell a secret. Kiss someone. Look them straight in the eye. Exchange philosophy. Make a promise.Tell them what you really think. Let yourself be who you wish you could be if only people wouldn't give you funny looks.

You have the potential to make magic with everyone around you.

Life's too short to go around with your hands in mittens.

Open yourself up to the elements of magic and emotion.

It will make life better for everyone you touch.