January 9th, 2003


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In my mind
Everything we did was right
Open your eyes
I'll still be by your side
How could I ever
Have been so blind?

I wonder if this energy will run out, or if I've finally found the right place to keep my mind.
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Ways to annoy users:

Make vague obviously inaccurate promises ("real soon now" or "shouldn't last much longer" is a good one, especially when it's been a significant period of time since the last update.)
Remove the user's ability to reply.

grrf. geez, LJ, get a PR department! would it really be hard to set up a script that lets you type in a one-sentence description of what you're doing, and a timer to remind you every half hour or so when the servers are down?

And disabling comments on the lj_maintenance post is just counterproductive >_

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You know, visualizing a zipper is terms of geometric manipulations is actually surprisingly evil. There's a whole lot of random stuff you need to update.