January 15th, 2003


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<JeyK> Soronel: yeah, i heard about that, then there's the guy who threw cheese all over a French hotel room
<Soronel> JeyK: melted cheese, I saw video of that
<JeyK> Soronel: stupid, eh?
<Swish> lol
<Swish> what a waste of cheese :)
<Stingray_> JeyK: why?
<Stingray_> just to cause damage?
<Soronel> Stingray: no, the hotel paid him for it

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I can't believe part of this algorithm really is effectively "create an array of nine million second derivatives".

It's even worse when you consider that the part that says "repeat" goes *around* it.

Oh, and I've invented a new word: "Lagrangified".

I'm using it as a variable name. It's death to spell.
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