January 17th, 2003


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I like this having-two-sets-of-headphones thing. At work I just pick up the headphones and listen and it's all good. At home I do the same thing. Nowhere does this involve carrying expensive sensitive electronics on the bus, and the lack of that is a definite good thing.

On the other hand, I *don't* like this "debugging second derivatives" thing. See, I'm comparing it to an approximation. But not only is the approximation slightly wrong *anyway*, but it might even be coded incorrectly.

So I'm working with three chunks of code, any of which might be wrong, and trying to make them vaguely synch up.

It's irritating.
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She has two arms to hold me
Four legs to wrap around me
She's not your typical girlfriend
She's my alien
My alien

these lyrics rock :D
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And I just came up with a way to hardware-accelerate multichannel lightmap texture decompression, with dynamic mipmap generation at no cost *and* reduced bus utilization, on the PS3. It might apply to the PC/XBox/Gamecube also.

Pity it doesn't apply to the PS2, really.

I like my job.

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*watches in fascination as the computer attempts to invert a 5000x5000 array*

. . . it's like watching a train wreck . . .

. . . only much much slower . . .
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----------- ITERATION 4
current cost: 0.639398
current lagrangified: 0.737923
0 series-2 constraints violated out of 196 (single-triangle consistency)
0 series-3 constraints violated out of 60 (vertex flatness)
0 series-4 constraints violated out of 60 (round consistency)
dxtdx is currently 0.000000

Holy cheese wheels.

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