February 27th, 2003


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Cause and effect:

Trying to fix a map. I believe the problem is one particular tile. So to find out, I need to remove the tile and rebuild the map.

Unfortunately, since the tile is a world-geometry change, this means I need to re-render the level also.

Turns out the level's done with 3dsmax 5.1, so therefore I need to get a new version of the editor.

The new version of the editor requires 3dsmax 5.1 to run. So . . . I'm installing 3dsmax 5.1 itself.

Well, actually, I'm not - I'm uninstalling 3dsmax 5.0 right now.

All this, just to remove a single tile . . .

<RIAA> Bend over.

So I went and bought a few CDs (and a few comic books, but anyway). I play Goo Goo Dolls and it's all good. I play Orgy and it's equally good, although significantly louder and with more distortion, but hey, it's Orgy, that's what I expected.

Then I put in the Saliva CD, and it tries to install Warcraft III on my computer.

See, it's a hybrid CD. Some bright marketing genius decided to include the Warcraft III demo (no, I'm not sure what leap gave them this connection, but hey.) The issue is that I play CDs by dragging the .cda "files" into Winamp, then hitting "play".

I can't do that on a hybrid CD. The .cda files don't *exist*, because it's got a real directory structure to look at.

End fix was to notice that the Orgy CD had the same number of tracks, use the Orgy CD to get Winamp's track list set up, then swap CDs again (and kill the stupid autorun Warcraft III installer again). But honestly. I paid eight bucks for this CD, and I don't even get a full CD of music because a full 160mb is used by the demo of a game that not only do I have an illegal copy of, but I haven't even bothered to try out yet because I'm only somewhat interested.

I'm gonna think twice next time I want to buy a Saliva CD.
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