March 8th, 2003


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Someday I should seriously just write up a list of "Things That Irritate Me Unbelievably".

It'd probably be just as well-recieved as the Dating Contract and the Guide To Me Wanting To Be Your Friend.

I don't know, I've been holding back on telling this particular person, but it just plain isn't worth it. And, hey, everyone I know *has* said they want me to just tell them if I'm annoyed. I think some of them don't honestly mean it, but hey, it's their own metaphorical grave.

The issue's just that I don't want to hurt people. And asking them whether they want to know or not when I have an issue to talk to them about is just iffy.

"So, if there was a giant asteroid heading towards the Earth that was going to kill all of us, would you want to know?"
"Errr . . ."
"Entirely hypothetically, of course."
"No, I wouldn't."
"Okay then."
". . . Is there?"
"No, of course not." *glances up at the sky for half a second*

Maybe I need a Friendship Contract as well as a Dating Contract.

Sheesh. This could all be so much easier.
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Bad movie combinations.

Give any two movies that, if they were combined, simply Wouldn't Work. The kind of thing that makes you cringe. Ideas that give you headaches.

To make it more interesting, you're not allowed to use bad movies - you actually have to use *good* movies.


Saving Private Ryan and Being John Malkovich.
Black Hawk Down and Memento.
Trading Places and The Matrix.
Roxanne and Apocalypse Now.

Get the idea?

Best combination gets an LJ invite code. (Hey, why not.)
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