March 10th, 2003


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<Karunel> hmm guys a quick question if my computer starts beeping all the time when I execute a program that´s a bit memory-consuming, what should I do?
<Denyerec> Karunel - Close the EVE client ;)
<Karunel> :p
<Karunel> It happens with DoD too... Im going crazy
<Karunel> I tried to shut the cpu speaker but only thing I got was the 5.1 working like twice as good as before
<Karunel> *sigh*
<Denyerec> Is it the internal speaker beeping ?
<Karunel> Yep Den
<Denyerec> Because it might be a heat issue.
<Karunel> oh its possible
<Karunel> Considering the place the CPU is in
<Karunel> oh just a moment my room is in flames
<Karunel> brb
* Karunel is now known as Karu_roominfire
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i know full well that there's only one way out of this trap.

i have to trust again.

and that means i will be hurt again.

. . . dammit. not *now*.
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k5 article on alternative energy.

Alternative energy bugs me, because there are at least two major groups that have perfectly logical arguments based in entirely different worldviews. You end up with the most meaningless arguments on the planet, a good example of which is:

*carefully calculated economic reason against alternative energy*
*offhand rebuttal using ecological, moral, and artistic reasons, with fair amount of vague handwaving*
*restatement of economic terms in more detail*
*angry graphic description relating to other person's mother and the family dog*

Or alternatively . . .

*poetic description of nature and beauty and the dangers of losing things you don't appreciate*
*suggestion to look around and view the world from a new perspective once in a while*

This all makes me think that people need to figure out where they're coming from before they start getting in an argument.

I'd elaborate more, but there's an algorithm calling my name.