March 14th, 2003



Was walking through the office and noticed the "character selection screen" had been fleshed out a bit . . .

. . . then noticed the *text* on it . . .

Race/Class: Barbarian Warrior
Sex: Male
Description: Libra with dark moon rising. Enjoys knitting, theater, and long walks in the park.

Bored programmer warning. :P
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algorithm psuedocode

start position: find open space with wall on right of start. set that as direction.
cycle: move in direction. test space to right of direction - if empty, turn right. otherwise, test space in front - if full, turn left, then do it again.
once you get back to origin, kill all humans.
end of line.

(yes, this is exactly how I write algorithms when I'm playing with them :P)

(bonus points if you can figure out what this algorithm does.)

(besides killing all humans, that is.)

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Okay, I should give out the awards for that competition a bit ago.

I'm giving out second prizes just because. You get an LJ code if you ask really nicely ;)
Least Politically Correct - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Schindler's List (trippykel)
My God, It's Full Of Ninja Stars - Shaolin Soccer and 2001 (cathexis)
Most Destructive Towards Childhood Memories - American Beauty and Muppets In Space (smotheredcries)
Most Potentially Painful To Watch - Transformers The Movie and Out Of Africa (heronblue)
Most nightmare-inducing - American Pie and Serial Experiments Lain (they are not movies, and I'm bending the rules just because I find it truly disturbing) (bleukes)
Most obscure - absolutely everything (mopalia) wrote. Okay, except Apocalypse Now and Toys. But that one would have worked. (I came up with The Matrix and Toys also, which would have worked in an entirely different way.)
Best special effects budget ever - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Apollo 13 (Julia, who's getting an LJ code from me anyway just so she can start an lj)

The one I almost chose for first place, but which barely lost out . . .
Faces of Death and Lilo & Stitch. captandor. So so wrong. Although I'm not sure Faces of Death counts as a good movie :P

And the winner - the only one that caused me to instantly visualize it completely against my will.

Bambi and The Exorcist.

There are many ways you could do that movie, and all of them make my skin crawl.

I liked 'em all, though some of them I didn't recognize and had to go digging around on IMDB.

Send me an IM if you want an LJ code. ;)

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I'd forgotten about this zone.

Programming is about narrowing your focus. The narrower you can get it, the easier you'll find it. Focus on one part and blaze out the code, then move on to the next. If your underlying design is sound, you'll get a good program. Of course there's a whole lot of recursive subfocusing but we won't talk about that right now.

When you're well-rested your mind runs fast, and you have to hold it still to focus on anything for long. Sometimes this happens easily and you write a bunch of good usable stuff. Sometimes it doesn't and you spend the day goofing off. (Yeah, it happens. Went through about half of the SA game reviews one day. Just couldn't focus.)

When you start getting tired you start getting hazy. You make dumb mistakes, you spend more time goofing off.

After a while all your excess energy is spent. So you buckle down and code.

You're tired enough that it's not hard to keep in line, and you're still awake enough that you can write good stuff. It's not brilliant stuff - I wouldn't want to try maintaining my compression algorithm in this state - but when you're hacking at something that's just slow going, it's nearly ideal.

It's been too long.

And then, ideally, a song comes on that *really* makes you grin, and it's all good from there.

but my fingers catch the sparks
at the thought of touching you
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Amusement factor:

There's a new player model in the game that I haven't seen before - clearly just started, she only has one suit of "armor" and it's still untextured. Looks like it was adapted from the Barbarian Female since it's got her bikini - this nice bluegreen number that, really, covers barely enough to get past the censors.

As near as I can tell, the first thing they've done on this model is to change the animations, which makes sense, since those are pretty key to the gameplay. Unfortunately, it seems the body and the bikini are on slightly different bones.

End result?

She's clipping through the front of her bikini.

Somehow I think Sony's going to want us to fix this bug.
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