March 22nd, 2003


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I've been having some really weird dreams lately.

You know that movie where the kid gets detailed schematics for a star drive/forcefield in his sleep? Well, I apparently get detailed schematics for how to blow up a parking lot. (One specific parking lot - it was very clear that this wouldn't work on *any* parking lot - and no, I don't know which one.)

Apparently it involves a copy of AOL, a set of neural implants, and the kid from Pitch Black.

Once the parking lot was blown up, I got chased around by an angry Russian with a shotgun for a few minutes. Then his brother showed up - he'd stolen a farm tractor and mounted a flamethrower on its back. Have you ever tried to drive a two-story-tall farm tractor into someone backwards? No, neither have I, but judging by the amount of swearing the driver was doing, it isn't easy.

Oh, and Barnes&Nobles is just a front for a prostitution ring. You heard it here first.
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<Aerolithe> I got the book C++ Primer 3rd Edition for Christmas but since then I haven't done much with it
<Aerolithe> I was about to start reading it but on the internet I read a review saying it wouldn't be sufficient for teaching a person C++ without another resource
<Aerolithe> also it says that it's not intended as a first book on programming
<Aerolithe> I've read the majority of some book on python
<Aerolithe> would that be sufficient

people are MORONS