March 25th, 2003


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According to the 2000 census, 50.9% of the US is female, 75.1% of the US is white, and 12.3% of the US is black.

Does it necessarily follow that in an ideal non-prejudiced society, in any specific job type averaged over the nation, 50.9% of the employees would be female, 75.1% of the employees would be white, and 12.3% of the employees would be black?

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The question is invalid (explain why, please?)
I don't know

I've set it so other people can't see your specific reply - I'm mostly interested in the statistical data, not who-said-what. On the other hand, if you've got specific comments, I'd love to hear 'em :P

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Okay, now I've got another question :P

I know I've got a large selection of professional techs on this list. What things do you consider indispensible for your work that most people wouldn't associate with being a tech?

For me, I've got a really good pair of headphones for music, a few stores nearby that I can walk to for a snack (and fresh air) when I'm stuck on a tough problem, and an effectively unlimited supply of notepads to sketch out algorithms on.

Anyone got other things they rely on?
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I can't decide if I want this optimization test to work or not.

If it works, I can get a nice boost of speed out of this algorithm.

However, if it works, I have to implement it for *real*. Which will be tricky.


Looks like it works. Geez does it ever work. Factor-of-ten reduction on some data sets. Yowch, that one was factor-of-twenty. And *that* one was thirty. None so far that have been worse than factor-of-two.

Yeah. It's worth it.

Time to get coding. (Again.)

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Glanced in through the door of an artist as I was walking by.

I don't know what he was working on, but it involved a female body, not very much near-transparent purple fabric, and nipples.

Let it never be said that our ingame models aren't detailed.
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Would the owner of this user picture and the owner of this user picture (that's you and you respectively) STOP making posts that are very similar stylistically right after each other? Or interlaced? I keep getting you two mixed upI swear it's happened three times in the last two hours!

You're going to drive me totally nuts here :P

(and you two have *identical* writing styles. I swear.)
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