April 5th, 2003


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I just tracked down *another* little piece of emotional agony.

See, when Naomi was in the process of dumping me, she first went through about a week of being happy. Everything was going to be okay, she was in a great mood, she was finally figuring out who she was, everything was coming together, she loved me and was never going to leave me, she was just fine, oh, yeah, remember that guy in Hawaii I said I wasn't going to dump you for?

Ha ha.


So now I've got this cute little loop in my head where someone being extremely happy *hurts*, because clearly it's the next step to finding someone better who can enjoy life with them, which I can't, as is made obvious by the existence of this nice recursive mental loop.

Of course, maybe now that I've figured this out I can start fixing it. And in the meantime, I suggest you all invest in iceskate companies, because Satan's going to place a multimillion-dollar order any day now. Oh, and flying pork will be big. Trust me.

DAMN it.
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I keep meaning to write about my goals, and I keep not doing so. Someone bug me about it. I have to be in the right mood *and* at a computer, but I might also need someone to bug me :P